A bit about us

At Dogtrunk we love dogs! We understand that your dog(s) play a huge part in all aspects of your life. We've dedicated our company to sourcing affordable clothing options so your pooch can be as stylish as you are. We empower dog owners to get outside, even when it rains or snows by providing your dog with warm, comfortable and dry clothes.

Our company was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Mat & Vanessa who saw a need for affordable dog clothes for their dog Mia*. They were looking for more playful and fun clothing options then what was being currently offered in big box stores. Building Dogtrunk.com together they get to test new jacket, outfits, costumes and much more on their pooch Mia and only offer the clothing they personally recommend on the site.











*Mia the Cocker Spaniel and the inspiration behind Dogtrunk.com


Mia in her winter coat